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Livro em Teoria dos Jogos: "Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy"
Detalhe do livro
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Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy
Autores: Teck Hua Ho   Keith Weigelt    (clique no autor para saber mais)
Editora e Ano: Wiley - 1997
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WHARTON on DYNAMIC COMPETITIVE STRATEGY "A valuable contribution, this insightful book makes it clear that strategy is not a one-time search for a sustainable competitive advantage, but a continuous monitoring of the environment, consumers, and competitors with the object of making the right moves in a dynamically changing competitive landscape." -Philip Kotler S.C. Johnson and Sons Distinguished Professor of International Marketing J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management Northwestern University. "An ambitious and welcomed effort at addressing strategy from an interdisciplinary perspective." -Professor Don Lehmann Columbia University Graduate School of Business. "Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy weaves together an unprecedented interdisciplinary analysis of competitive strategies that any global manager should consider indispensable reading...An impressive book." -Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. Chairman and CEO Huntsman Corporation. "Provocative and meaningful ... Provides an excellent framework for formulating strategy." -Sam Morasca Vice President, Marketing Shell Oil Products Company. "A Rosetta stone for strategy. Read it and keep it by your side!" -Dale Moss Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing USA British Airways, New York

A Parte II - Anticipating Competitors´ Actions - existe um capítulo exclusivo de Teoria dos Jogos como parte da estratégia competitiva das empresas, com vários exemplos.

Também na Parte II existem capítulos de Teoria Comportamental e Coevolução. Vale a pena.

Coloquei os autores deste capítulo (Chapter 5 - Game Theory and Competitive Strategy) e não os que aparecem como editores do livro na Amazon
- Teck Hua Ho, professor da Universidade da Califórnia
- Keith Weigelt, professor de Wharton

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