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Livro em Teoria dos Jogos: "Games, Strategies and Decision Making"
Detalhe do livro
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Games, Strategies and Decision Making
Autores: Joseph E. Harrington Jr       (clique no autor para saber mais)
Editora e Ano: Worth Publishers - 2009
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`There is no better undergraduate text in game theory. It not only covers all the topics I would cover but does so with the clarity and precision that game theory demands while at the same time providing engaging applications/examples!Harrington`s game theory text is indeed the `unique best response` for anyone who faces an adoption decision for an undergraduate game theory course.` - Klaus Becker, Texas Tech University, USA `This book is outstanding. It`s written with humour and patience and is extremely accessible to students, while still being as rigorous as any advanced text in the area. The book is both a theorist`s and a student`s delight!` - Thomas Jeitschko, Michigan State University, USA `One advantage of [Harrington`s] text over others is that it spends a lot of time turning situations into games, and makes a good amount of effort to motivate the payoffs used, while being clear that these are typically just assumptions. Determining payoffs in games is often as much art as science, and this text seems to do a better job than most of making this known.` - Nick Feltovich, University of Houston, USA `Harrington introduces all of the topics you would think would be in an introductory game theory text, but what makes it exceptional is the patience and care in which he spends time seeing what the theory can buy him. That is, there are very good applications to both better show how the theory works, but also to help explain many real-world situations through the lens of game theory.` - Jesse Schwartz, Kennesaw State University, USA `[Harrington`s text] is a well-written, well-structured introductory game theory textbook appropriate for an audience consisting of undergraduates majoring in different fields.` - Giacomo Bonanno, University of California, Davis, USA

É um livro-texto em Teoria dos Jogos, bem divido em capítulos e com vários exemplos.

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