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Livro em Teoria dos Jogos: "Prisoners Dilemma"
Detalhe do livro
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Prisoners Dilemma
Autores: William Poundstone       (clique no autor para saber mais)
Editora e Ano: Anchor Books - 1992
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This very readable book is partly a biography of John von Neumann, partly a nontechnical history of the branch of mathematics known as game theory, and partly a description of some of the paradoxical findings that arise from that theory. Von Neumann was a brilliant mathematician who was the major figure in the Manhattan Project and later an active public figure. Thus, those portions of the book that deal with his life are interesting and informative. Those sections that deal with game theory use no mathematics beyond simple arithmetic and are thus fascinating, thought provoking, and easily accessible to the layperson. For all biography and science collections.

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